The following is a non-exhaustive list of various useful websites by organisations and individuals that are interested in the trafficking of cultural property. Although it might seem obvious, it is worth noting that once you click through you will be leaving our website and we don’t necessarily endorse views set out on other people’s websites, over which we have no control.

As the purpose of our website is primarily to disseminate academic research, we don’t provide a reporting or analysis service on breaking news stories. There are many blogs which do provide this news feed service, sometimes with analysis too, so we recommend you look to them for current news and comment. As there are quite a number of these blogs, we have only posted links below to blogs which are run by people involved in the Trafficking Culture project in some capacity. The non-inclusion of blogs below is thus no indication of our views on the value of their content. Many of the blogs linked to below will link in turn to other relevant blogs, so you will quickly be able to see what is on offer in this field. Please note again, however, that we do not endorse views expressed in any blogs, directly linked or otherwise, since all blogs are the private enterprises of their writers.

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