Annemiek Rhebergen

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Annemiek Rhebergen is a researcher affiliated with the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow.Her work focuses on the illicit antiquities trade in Argentina. This study aims at establishing the extent to which the governmental policy against looting and the illicit antiquities trade is appropriate to local contexts of ‘looting’, in the Northwest specifically. Through ethnographic research she aims to expose local understandings of heritage to examine how the governmental approach is perceived by and affects local indigenous communities. For this project Annemiek was awarded an ESRC and College of Social Sciences studentship (2014-2016) and scholarships from the Prince Bernhard Culture fund and the Dr Hendrik Muller fund (2013-2014).

She obtained her BA in Ancient Cultures at VU University Amsterdam and continued her studies at Leiden University, with an MA in Archaeology. She specialised in heritage management, with a primary interest in local community engagement and regionally focusing on the Andes. As participant of the Tell Balata Archaeological Park project on the Palestinian West Bank she conducted research into oral histories, involving the Balata community into the project. For her dissertation she looked into the effect of legislation on the engagement with indigenous peoples during archaeological heritage management projects in Bolivia. In addition, Annemiek has conducted archaeological fieldwork in the Netherlands, Italy, Australia and Russia, gained professional experience in the museum sector through two internships and worked on a community heritage and tourism project during her half a year stay in Ecuador.

Annemiek is the research lead for: Illicit antiquities trade in Argentina: the appropriateness of governmental policy to local socio-cultural contexts of looting.