The Protection of Abandoned Cultural Heritage in Spain

Amineddoleh, Leila (2012), ‘The Protection of Abandoned Cultural Heritage in Spain’, Aedon 3.

Spain is a nation rich in art treasures, and the countryside is a treasure trove of cultural heritage; however, the Iberian nation has not taken measures to safeguard these items. As depopulation empties the countryside, property is abandoned and vulnerable to taking. Spain’s art treasures are further harmed by the nation’s lack of involvement in international treatises, leading to the international community’s disinterest in the items. In addition, the State does not control much of its cultural heritage since the State wields little authority over the Church, and the vast majority of privately-held art belongs to the Church. In consideration of the highly publicized theft (and subsequent return) of the Codex Callixtus, this note sets forth recommendations for Spain to protect is patrimony, most importantly creating an extensive catalogue, encompassing both State and Church property.