Janet Ulph


Janet is a Law Professor at the University of Leicester, with postgraduate degrees from Harvard Law School and the University of Cambridge; she also qualified as a solicitor. Her teaching and research interests lie in the field of moveable property. Her publications include a book on Commercial Fraud: Civil Liability, Human Rights, and Money Laundering (Oxford University Press, 2006), which was cited with approval by the Court of Appeal in R v Glatt [2006] EWCA Crim 605, and three judgments at first instance.

Janet’s work on fraud and theft has led to her more recent legal research relating to art crime and the illicit trade in cultural property (which was supported by a Leverhulme Fellowship), Amongst other publications, she is the major co-author of The Illicit Trade In Cultural Property: Money Laundering, Criminal and Civil Liability, and Recovery (Hart Publishing, 2012).

More recently, Janet has been working with UK museums. She was appointed as an AHRC Placement Fellow working with the Museums Association in 2011/12, helping to prepare due diligence guidelines relating to deaccessioning of items in museum collections for the purposes of transfer to other museums or sale.