Yates will participate in online summer school Cross Border Transfer of Cultural Objects: the Law, Challenges, and Practice

17 Aug 2021

screenshot-2021-08-17-at-13-56-02 Dr Donna Yates will give a lecture titled “The antiquities trade: Defining a grey market?” at online summer school Cross Border Transfer of Cultural Objects: the Law, Challenges, and Practice.  The summer school will take place online from 23 – 26 August 2021. The programme is curated by Evelien Campfens (Leiden University) and Naomi Oosterman (Erasmus University Rotterdam). “The Centre...

Yates will participate in a roundtable discussion on Decolonisation at EAA 2021

17 Aug 2021

screenshot-2021-08-17-at-13-49-10 Dr Donna Yates will participate in roundtable Session #376. “Expanding Horizons: Decolonisation, Contested Ownership of Archaeological Material, and the 1970 UNESCO Convention on Cultural Property” at the 2021 annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists. The session will be held entirely online and will take place at 14:30 – 17:30 CEST, 8 September 2021. The content of the...

Online conference “The Power of Things”, 6 May

15 Apr 2021

1-1 The European Research Council-funded “Trafficking Transformations” project is hosting an online conference “The Power of Things: Understanding relationships between objects and crime. The conference will take place on 6 May 2021. This conference takes an “object-focused” approach to understanding aspects of crime and crime prevention. The goal of this conference is...

Yates speaking at webinar “Criminal networks trafficking antiquities: can we disrupt the market ?”, 27 April

07 Apr 2021

eu-aml-event Dr Donna Yates will be one of the key speakers at an introductory webinar “Criminal networks trafficking antiquities: can we disrupt the market ?” organised by EU AML/CFT Global Facility. This webinar is the first of a series of regional events where international experts and law enforcement agencies will discuss approaches to disrupting criminal networks involved in trafficking...

“Stumbling Towards Repatriation”: Article by Emiline Smith on Hyperallergic

15 Mar 2021

Emiline Smith Stumbling Towards Repatriation: We need to make it clear to our museums that we do not want to walk around in galleries of stolen artworks by Erin L. Thompson and Emiline Smith has been published on Hyperallergic. Read the full article here:

Yates speaking at IAL virtual Study Forum 6 Feb

29 Jan 2021

IAL logo Dr Donna Yates will be speaking at virtual Study Forum (6 Feb) organised by Institute of Art & Law. This forum will provide an opportunity to hear about some of the fascinating issues and recent developments in the art and cultural heritage law field. Topics discussed will include: Art contracts, Copyright, Looting and art theft, Brexit/ EU-UK Trade Agreement, Cultural property. The price...

Yates speaking at online conference “Global Provenance” 2 Feb

25 Jan 2021

Global Provenance written on white background Dr Donna Yates and Dr Pierre Losson are presenting at a conference “Global Provenance” organised by the University of Bern, the Musée d’ethnographie de Genève, the Musée d’ethnographie de Neuchâtel and the Palais de Rumine. The conference will take place over multiple days, Dr Yates and Dr Losson will speaking on 2 February. Their talk is titled...

Yates speaking at online conference “Imperial Artefacts: History, Law and the Looting of Cultural Property” 28 Jan

21 Jan 2021

Logo of Leiden University Dr Donna Yates and Brieanah Gouveia of King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center will be speaking at a 2-day international online conference (28 and 29 January) organised by Leiden University. Donna Yates and Brieanah Gouveia will be giving talk titled ‘Provenance narratives of colonial exploitation as value enhancers on the Oceanic art market’. This interdisciplinary conference...

Dr Yates teaching at a certificate programme “Art Law and Its Security Dimensions” 28-30 Jan

20 Jan 2021

Screenshot of a course brochure Dr Donna Yates is one of the people teaching at a certificate course “Art Law and Its Security Dimensions” (28th to 30th January) organised by Directorate of Extension and Distance Learning, Rashtriya Raksha University. Rashtriya Raksha University is a pioneering national security and police university of India. This 3-day course will introduce students to advance problems in Art...

Dr Emiline Smith awarded Scottish Funding Council Global Challenges Research Fund grant for project in Indonesia

11 Dec 2020

img_20191024_201156_975%20%281%29 Congratulations to Dr Emiline Smith who has been awarded a Scottish Funding Council GCRF grant for the project ‘Art, Feathers & Crime: New Approaches to Studying Natural and Cultural Heritage Trafficking in Indonesia’. Together with Dr Chloe Heys (Staffordshire University), Dr Tular Sudarmadi (Gadjah Mada University), Dr Adam Miller (Planet Indonesia) and Dr Panggah Ardiyansyah...

Yates speaking at online conference“Opportunities and Challenges of Art and Antiques Market Management” 24–25 Nov

18 Nov 2020

screenshot-2020-11-12-at-11-31-59 Dr Donna Yates will be speaking at a 2-day international online conference (24 and 25 Nov) organised by National Heritage Board of Latvia. Dr Yates will be giving talk titled ‘Regulating the “Grey” Antiquities Market: what works, what doesn’t and a way forward’. The event will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Prohibition and Prevention of the...

Yates speaking at online UNESCO conf “Mechanisms in fighting trafficking in Cultural Property” 18 Nov

05 Nov 2020

convention-1970_thumbnail Dr Donna Yates will be speaking at a three-day online conference (16 to 18 Nov) hosted by the Federal Foreign Office in cooperation with UNESCO, the European Union and the Council of Europe. Dr Yates will be part of an expert online panel speaking on Mechanisms in fighting the trafficking in cultural property on day 2 of the conference. The full programme of the event is available...

Simon Mackenzie’s New Book Out Now!

20 Oct 2020

transnational-criminology-fc Simon Mackenzie’s book Transnational Criminology: Trafficking and Global Criminal Markets has been published by Bristol University Press! The book is available here (including 20% discount) This pioneering study looks across key trafficking crimes to develop a social theory of transnational criminal markets. These include human...

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: “The Power of Things: Understanding relationships between objects and crime”

25 Sep 2020

power-of-things Contribute to our Online Conference and Edited Volume...

Call for Abstracts for Edited Book: Crime and Art: Sociological and criminological perspectives of crimes in the art world

15 Jun 2020

operation-andromeda Dr Donna Yates and Dr Naomi Oosterman of Erasmus University Rotterdam are seeking contributions for an edited volume to be submitted for Springer’s “Studies in Art, Heritage, Law, and the Market” series.

Yates speaking on Antiquities Coalition Webinar “The Art of Pandemic Museum and Site Security”, 17 June.

09 Jun 2020

Donna Tefaf Dr Donna Yates will be joining the V&A’s Vernon Rapley and Christie’s Dennis Ahern on a live expert online panel hosted by the Antiquities Coalition. The topic of discussion will be how the COVID-19 pandemic will effect security and crime at museums and cultural sites. The event will take place at 11am EDT on 17 June and all are invited to virtually attend. For more information...

Neil Brodie Presenting a Webinar on Hobby Lobby Cuneiform Tablets Case, 2 June

20 May 2020

neil-brodie-square Dr Neil Brodie will be presenting an online lecture for the Oxford Archaeological Society. The lecture, entitled “Illicit culture contact? The case of the Hobby Lobby cuneiform tablets” will be held at 16:00 BST on 2 June. Those wishing to attend the lecture online are asked to RSVP...

Dr Christos Tsirogiannis Speaking at the Victoria and Albert Museum, 17 March

09 Mar 2020

victoria-and-albert-museum-wikimedia-commons As part of the public conference “Violated National Heritage: Theft, Traffic & Restitution”, Dr Christos Tsirogiannis will be speaking about recent restitutions of cultural property to Greece. “This conference is aimed not only at students but also art world and museum professionals, indeed at anyone interested to hear the latest information, much of which is unpublished,...

Dr Emiline Smith Profiled in the Kathmandu Post

04 Mar 2020

emiline-smith Dr. Emiline Smith has been featured in an article in the Kathmandu Post about her work on antiquities trafficking in Nepal and Myanmar. The article is available here: (click here for archive link)

Brodie and Yates speaking at Expert Conference “Fostering European Cooperation for Heritage at Risk”, Dubrovnik, 26–28 Feb

26 Feb 2020

croatia-dub Drs Neil Brodie and Donna Yates will be speaking at a conference hosted by the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. They will discuss the results of their recent European Commission-funded report focused on the illicit trafficking of antiquities in Europe. More details about the event are available...