Emiline Smith on PODS by PEI podcast

11 Jul 2023


Dr Emiline Smith appeared on PODS by PEI podcast. In the episode, “PEI’s Khushi and Emiline delve into the obscure world of cultural heritage trafficking and its impact on communities, with a particular focus on Nepal. The two tap into Emiline’s expertise as a criminologist to understand the processes involved in the trafficking of cultural objects and its history and persistence in Nepal. They then discuss the repatriation of such objects and how restorative justice can be achieved in the process.”

The full episode is available here: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/policy-entrepreneurs-inc/episodes/Emiline-Smith-on-Demystifying-Cultural-Trafficking-and-Nepals-Quest-for-Restorative-Justice-e267a33/a-aa28196