Trafficking Culture attending SAA San Francisco 15-19 April

13 Apr 2015

SAA Neil Brodie and Donna Yates will be attending the 80th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in San Francisco from 15 until 19 April. We will be chairing a multidisciplinary session from 8am to 10:15am on Saturday, 18 April in room “Golden Gate 4”. All conference attendees are invited and we look forward to an interesting discussion. Investigating the trafficking of...

Tracking Illicit Antiquities: new website section with seized photos and stories

10 Apr 2015

The Sculture in Robin Symes' gallery (from the Symes archive) Trafficking Culture is pleased to announce a new section of our website. Tracking Illicit Antiquities will present brief case studies of the identification and return of illicit cultural objects identified in the seized photographic archives of convicted antiquities smugglers and dealers. Stemming from the work of our research Dr. Christos Tsirogiannis, this evidence is offered here to assist...

Emiline Smith speaking at University of Hong Kong, 24 March

17 Mar 2015

JCIT_HKPU_IB_15 Emiline Smith will present ‘Cross-Border Cultural Property Trade in Hong Kong’

Brodie to deliver keynote at public conference on ‘Archaeological Looting’ in Chicago

22 Feb 2015

1024px-University_of_Chicago_Modern_Etched_Seal_1.svg Neil Brodie will be delivering the keynote lecture at a conference entitled Archaeological Looting: Realities and Possibilities for New Policy Approaches to be held at the University of Chicago. Dr. Brodie will be speaking on Cultural Property Protection Policy Failure in Syria. The conference will be held on Friday, February 27 and Saturday, February 28 at the Regenstein Library, Room 122, 1100...

‘Syrian Heritage in Crisis’ with Neil Brodie; 16 Jan. British Academy, London.

13 Jan 2015

Syria2a Neil Brodie will be speaking alongside a panel of experts on the antiquities trafficking and protection situation in Syria in an free and public event put on by the Council for British Research in the Levant. The event is free but attendees must register here: Time: Friday, 16 January 2015 from 13:30 to 17:00...

Neil Brodie presenting at the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, University of Florida, on 9 January.

06 Jan 2015

Neil Brodie Neil Brodie will be presenting at the international conference ‘Unmasking Ideology: the Vocabulary and Symbols of Colonial Archaeology’. The paper will be entitled ‘Cultural Internationalism or Cultural Colonialism? The Case of the Benin Bronzes and Ivories’ and will be given at the Harn Museum of Art Classroom at 14:00. The conference will take place from 8 until 11 January 2015.

More antiquities withdrawn after identification in Christie’s and Sotheby’s auctions in New York

19 Dec 2014

Christos Tsirogiannis Following the identification and withdrawal of the rare Sardinian idol in Christie’s, Dr. Christos Tsirogiannis, Research Assistant in Trafficking Culture, identified from convicted dealers’ photographic archives three more antiquities in Christie’s and one in Sotheby’s due to be auctioned in New York. In Christie’s, an Egyptian alabaster figural jug (lot 51), estimated at $150,000...

Christos Tsirogiannis identifies rare Sardinian idol and Christie’s pull it from New York auction

28 Nov 2014

Christos Tsirogiannis Dr. Christos Tsirogiannis, Research Assistant in Trafficking Culture, on Friday 21 November identified in the photograph archive of a dealer in illicit antiquities a rare marble Sardinian idol, due to be auctioned by Christie’s as lot 85 in their antiquities auction in New York on 11 December. The idol was the most expensive object in the auction, estimated at $800,000-1,200,000 and is part...

Neil Brodie to give the evening lecture in Berlin’s international conference ‘Cultural Heritage in Danger: Illicit excavations and trade’

19 Nov 2014

Neilbrodie1-190x179 (1) Neil Brodie will be giving the evening lecture at the international conference ‘Cultural Heritage in Danger: Illicit excavations and trade‘. The lecture will be entitled “Transnational Organised Crime and the Antiquities Trade” and will be given in the Rotunda of the Altes Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. The conference will take place in Berlin, on 11 and 12 December...

Trafficking Cultural Objects: special issue of the European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research

18 Nov 2014

cda_displayimage We are pleased to announce the publication of a Special Issue of the European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research edited by Simon Mackenzie and Neil Brodie: EJCPR: Special Issue on Trafficking Cultural Objects Volume 20, Issue 4, December 2014 Trafficking Cultural Objects: Introduction By Neil Brodie and Simon Mackenzie Provenance and Price: Autoregulation of the Antiquities Market? By Neil...

Simon Mackenzie and Donna Yates at American Society of Crimiology Meeting, San Francisco

18 Nov 2014

san-franc Simon Mackenzie and Donna Yates will be in San Francisco this week to present at the American Society of Criminology meeting. On Thursday 20 Nov, Simon and Donna will present papers in a session entitled “Art and Antiquities Trafficking“. Simon’s paper, written with Tess Davis and Blythe Bowman, is called “The Global Illicit Antiquities Trade as Economic Crime”.

Neil Brodie and Donna Yates speaking at University of Manchester on 25 Oct

20 Oct 2014

Publish or not to publish Flyer Neil Brodie will be presenting and Donna Yates will serve as a discussant at “To publish or not to publish? A multidisciplinary approach to the politics, ethics and economics of ancient artefacts“

Donna Yates speaking at Universities of Reading and Essex this week

20 Oct 2014

Donna in Bolivia Donna Yates will be presenting two public seminars this week.

Neil Brodie presenting at UNESCO in Paris on 2 Oct.

30 Sep 2014

80298504 On Thursday 2 October, Neil Brodie will be at UNESCO in Paris attending the 19th session of the Intergovernmental Committee For Promoting the Return of Cultural Property to its Countries of Origin or its Restitution in Case of Illicit Appropriation, where he will be presenting a paper entitled ‘Internet Sales of Cultural Objects’.

Tess Davis at the Second Annual Cultural Heritage Seminar of the Federal Bar Association

29 Sep 2014

Tess2 Trafficking Culture’s Affiliate Researcher Tess Davis is organizing the Second Annual Cultural Heritage Seminar of the Federal Bar Association that will take place in New Orleans on 2nd October, 2014 (from 9:00 a.m. to 4:40 p.m.). The theme of the seminar will be: ‘Spoils of War: Plunder and Destruction of Cultural Heritage in the Pacific Theater of World War II’. The event will...

Jessica Dietzler at the 42nd Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control

01 Sep 2014

Jessica Dietzler Trafficking Culture’s PhD student Jessica Dietzler will participate in the 42nd Annual Conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control, organised in Liverpool from 3rd – 6th September, 2014. The theme of the conference will be: ‘Resisting the Demonisation of ‘the Other’: State, Nationalism and Social Control in a Time of...

Trafficking Culture’s research in the press

19 Aug 2014

Mosaic from Zeugma Results of research by several members of the Trafficking Culture Project have been picked up in several news outlets recently: Cổ vật ở Campuchia bị đánh cắp bởi tội phạm liên quan với quân đội  (30 June 2014) Sur la trace des pilleurs d’Angkor (Le Monde, 1 July 2014) Glasgow University uncovers relic looting networks (The Scotsman 1 July 2014) Losing Maya Heritage to...

Tess Davis to speak at the American Chamber of Commerce, Cambodia

28 Jul 2014

Tess Davis Project affiliate Tess Davis will be giving a talk entitled “Looted Cambodian Antiquities: The Case of the Duryodhana Statue and Sotheby’s” on 7 August 2014 at the American Chamber of Commerce in Phenom Penh. Please email to RSVP.

Donna Yates in Belize to study trafficking of Maya artefacts

16 Jul 2014

Donna-v-Maya Donna Yates will be in Belize until 29 July conducting preliminary research on the looting and trafficking of Maya antiquities. We hope this will be the start of a fruitful partnership with Belize on this topic. Today she leaves Belmopan for the San Ignacio area and plans to spend much of next week in the northern part of the country near Orange Walk Town and along the Mexican border. You can...

2014 Award for Excellence in Art Crime Scholarship

12 Jul 2014

DSC_0424 At the end of June, Simon Mackenzie attended the annual conference held by ARCA, the Association for Research into Crimes Against Art, in Amelia, Italy, to receive the 2014 Eleanor and Anthony Vallombroso Award for Excellence in Art Crime Scholarship. In accepting the award, Simon thanked the rest of the Trafficking Culture team for their invaluable work towards making the project a success. The...