Neil Brodie giving ICON Scotland Plenderleith Lecture, Glasgow, 24 Nov

04 Nov 2016

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“Antiquities trafficking – 21st century developments” is the title of Dr Brodie‘s lecture.

The Institute of Conservation (ICON) Scotland hosts this annual talk. The event will take place at St Mungos Museum of Religious Life and Art in Glasgow. It will run from 18:00 to 19:00 and will be followed by a drinks reception.

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From the ICON site:

The Scottish Conservation sector’s keynote annual Plenderleith lecture for 2016 will address a controversial and highly topical subject – the global trafficking of antiquities and other cultural objects. Icon Scotland Group is pleased to welcome this year’s speaker – Doctor Neil Brodie, Senior Research Fellow, Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa Project at the University of Oxford.
Since at least the eighteenth century, antiquities have been taken from archaeological sites, monuments and museums and traded internationally. As the material damage caused by the looting of antiquities has come to be recognized, a proliferation of national and international laws has placed the antiquities trade under progressively stronger statutory regulation – so that increasingly looting has been made illegal. This regulation has however not succeeded in controlling or reducing the trade, and since the 1950s the volume and monetary value of the trade have risen at alarming rates. Traditionally the antiquities trade has been in the hands of specialist dealers, but the increasing availability of illicit antiquities on the open market has presented opportunities for more routine criminal involvement and profit.
This years’ Plenderleith lecture will focus on the latest developments and will use statistics and case studies to describe the organisation of trafficking, and to suggest some appropriate countermeasures.