Enrol in our Antiquities Trafficking summer course at Victoria Uni, Wellington (Nov–Dec)

20 Sep 2016

MOOC Shiva by Marc Chang Sing Pang via Wikimedia Commons This exciting new course is his course is open to the public.

“Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime” free online course runs in October

20 Sep 2016

MOOC Shiva FL-Security-Grill-Kathmandu-by-Donna-Yates We’re excited that Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime, a free online course developed by some of the members of the Trafficking Culture team, will have its 3rd run in October.

Neil Brodie appointed Senior Research Fellow on the EAMENA project, University of Oxford

13 Sep 2016

oxford logo We are proud to announce that Neil Brodie has been appointed Senior Research Fellow on the Endangered Archaeology of the Middle East and North Africa (EAMENA) project at the University of Oxford. Supported by the Arcadia Fund, the EAMENA project is recording and responding to the increasing threats to archaeological sites in the Middle East and North Africa.

Dr Brodie attending Culture Under Threat conference, Amman Jordan, 8 September

07 Sep 2016

The_Monastery,_Petra,_Jordan8 On 8 September, Neil Brodie will be attending the Second Culture Under Threat Regional Conference in Amman, Jordan. Hosted by the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with support from the Antiquities Coalition and the Middle East Institute, the conference will launch the Middle East and North African Task Force, to take concrete steps to combat the trafficking of cultural objects.

Simon Mackenzie to present at the New Zealand Art Crime Symposium, 15 Oct

25 Aug 2016

2015.12.17-New-Zealand-Puke-Ariki-Motunui-Panels-31-e1450641342712-200x200 The Symposium will bring together leading academics and researchers for an innovative and ground-breaking one-day Symposium, covering many aspects of art crime both in New Zealand and beyond, at the City Gallery in the heart of Wellington. You can find out more about the Art Crime Symposium here. You can register for the Art Crime Symposium here.

Prof Mackenzie speaking at Hong Kong Art Crime Conference, 22 October

25 Aug 2016

cuhk_logo Hong Kong’s first international art crime conference, Simon Mackenzie will be speaking at “Art, Antiquities, Heritage and Wildlife Crime in Southeast Asia”.

Donna Yates to appear on Newshour Extra panel, live taping in Edinburgh on 25 August.

24 Aug 2016

2000px-BBC_World_Service_red.svg Her fellow panalists include Dr Maamoun Abdulkarim, Director General of Antiquities and Museums in Syria and Juliana Forero, external advisor for WHITRAP – World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific region, under the auspices of UNESCO. The panel will consider whether preserving cultural heritage is always a good thing. Does an exploration of the past...

Donna Yates elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

16 Aug 2016

Donna-on-STV Congradulations Donna!

Call for Abstracts: The Pre-Columbian Antiquities Market: Reflections, Critiques, and Effecting Change

22 Jul 2016

500N08994_6WGMJ Donna Yates, along with Cara Tremain, are organising a session at the upcoming Society for American Archaeology meeting in Vancouver, with an eye towards a subsequent journal special issue or edited volume. If you would like to submit an abstract to the call below, please email it to either Cara or Donna before 20 August 2016. The Pre-Columbian Antiquities Market: Reflections, Critiques, and...

Brodie and Yates attending meeting regarding Egyptian antiquities and public policy

29 Jun 2016

Sekhemka Hosted by University College London...

Yates speaking at All Art & Cultural Heritage Law Conference, Geneva, 25 June

23 Jun 2016

University_of_Geneva_02 by Geri340 Hosted by the Univeristy of Geneva’s Art-Law Centre and the UNESCO Chair in the International Law of the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Brodie and Yates attending Art, Crime and Criminals workshop, London, 21 June

13 Jun 2016

Queen Mary University Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and held at Queen Mary University.

Donna Yates Speaking at York Festival of Ideas, 19 June

13 Jun 2016

foi-logo Under the festival theme “Fragile Heritage”

Tsirogiannis teaching at ARCA Summer School, 13–20 July

13 Jun 2016

Amelia Italy His course is titled: Unravelling the Hidden Market of Illicit Antiquities: Lessons from Greece and Italy, and takes place in Amelia, Italy.

Brodie speaking in London on ‘Heritage and Theft in Syria and Iraq’,15 June

02 Jun 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 09.25.28 Neil Brodie,  Benjamin Isakhan, and Toby Dodge as they discuss the destruction of cultural heritage and the looting and illicit trade of objects from Iraq and Syria. The talk will reflect on the use of both to further political aims and ideologies, in particular reference to ISIS and other groups involved, as well as give context to the contemporary conflicts in both countries, which have lead...

Christos Tsirogiannis joins Cambridge Archaeological Unit

02 Jun 2016

Christos Tsirogiannis Dr. Tsirogiannis has been appointed as a Senior Archaeologist at the Cambridge Archaeological Unit. Congratulations Christos!

Antiquities Trafficking & Art Crime free online course starts 6 June

18 May 2016

Ancient antiquities and Saddam Hussein-era objects returned to Iraq Featuring members of Trafficking Culture.

Neil Brodie speaking at Cameron Contemporary Art, Brighton, 26 May

18 May 2016

neil-talk-_670 Dr Brodie‘s talk is entitled “Theft of Culture”.

Yates to present Bolivia trafficking research at State Department meeting

18 May 2016

State Deaprtment Seal US State Department’s Cultural Property Advisory Committee will meet on 24 May...

Tsiroginnis to speak at Chartered Inst. for Archaeologists conference, Leicester, 21 Apr

03 Apr 2016

Christos Tsirogiannis Entitled: 20 years of Forensic Archaeology vs. the international illicit antiquities network...