Donna Yates contributes to the Day of Archaeology with “Lost cities and looted tombs”

11 Jul 2014

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In a post for the 2014 Day of Archaeology titled “Lost cities and looted tombs: Studying artifact smuggling in Belize” Donna discusses conducting fieldwork on antiquities trafficking in Central America.

According to their website, “The Day of Archaeology project aims to provide a window into the daily lives of archaeologists from all over the world.  The project asks people working, studying or volunteering in the archaeological world to participate with us in a “Day of Archaeology” each year in the summer by recording their day and sharing it through text, images or video on this website.  The resulting Day of Archaeology project demonstrates the wide variety of work our profession undertakes day-to-day across the globe, and helps to raise public awareness of the relevance and importance of archaeology to the modern world.”

Both Donna and former project researcher Suzie Thomas contributed to the 2013 Day of Archaeology:

High Crimes: Studying the Illicit Antiquities Trade in the Bolivian Andes

My life as an archaeologist in a Criminology centre