Dr Tsirogiannis’ research instrumental in seizure of looted Greek vase from Met Museum

01 Aug 2017


Full story featured in The New York Timeshttps://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/31/arts/design/ancient-vase-seized-from-met-museum-on-suspicion-it-was-looted.html

Dr Tsirogiannis identified the krater, painted by the artist Python, in the seized files of convicted antiquities smuggler Giacomo Medici. He both published an academic paper on the vase (see A South Italian Bell-Krater by Python in the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the full text), and notified the museum of the identification in 2014. When the museum did not respond and apparently took no further action, Dr Tsirogiannis presented his research to the Manhattan Prosecutor’s office who moved to seize the vase this week.