Because of the multidisciplinary nature of our research into the global traffic in cultural objects, we believe that a sizable amount of data is collected that has no clear venue for dissemination. To combat this loss of valuable information, we have developed this section of the website as a ‘catch-all’: a means through which useful data across varied media can be presented and used by researchers and other interested parties. It is a work in progress that will be developed in line with the data that we receive. For ease of navigation, we have divided our Data into different thematic sections.

If you have information, photographs, recordings, preliminary reports, or other types of data that you would like to share via this section of our website, please contact the project.


Recordings of presentations, interviews and other audio material.

Awareness-Raising Material

Posters, publicity material and other resources connected to awareness-raising about the issues surrounding trafficked cultural objects.

Google Earth

Images collected via Google Earth.


Images connected to known looting and thefts.