Morag Kersel


Morag Kersel is assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at DePaul University. She earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge (2006). Her dissertation License to Sell: the legal trade of antiquities in Israel examined the legal trade of antiquities in the Israeli marketplace.

Her research interests include the prehistory of the Levant, cultural heritage policy, and the trade in archaeological artifacts from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant, the built environment, object biographies, museums, and archaeological tourism.

She has excavated and conducted field research in Canada, Ghana, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, and the U.S. Currently, she co-directs with Meredith S. Chesson the “Follow the Pots” project in Jordan – an innovative investigation into the multiple social lives of archaeological artifacts. She is also a Research Associate at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, where she is the co-director with Yorke Rowan of the Galilee Prehistory Project.

She is a co-author (with Christina Luke) of the recently published US Cultural Diplomacy and Archaeology: Soft Power, Hard Heritage (Routledge 2013).

From 2000–2003 she administered the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation at the U.S. Department of State. Morag is currently a CAORC Fellow at the American Center for Oriental Research in Amman, Jordan (‎. She is also affiliated faculty with DePaul University’s Center for Art, Museum, & Cultural Heritage Law. She is the editor of the Archaeological Heritage and Ethics section of the Journal of Field Archaeology.