2014 Award for Excellence in Art Crime Scholarship

12 Jul 2014

At the end of June, Simon Mackenzie attended the annual conference held by ARCA, the Association for Research into Crimes Against Art, in Amelia, Italy, to receive the 2014 Eleanor and Anthony Vallombroso Award for Excellence in Art Crime Scholarship. In accepting the award, Simon thanked the rest of the Trafficking Culture team for their invaluable work towards making the project a success. The Award for Excellence in Art Crime Scholarship usually goes to a Professor, journalist, or author for distinguished work on art crime issues. Among past winners is Trafficking Culture’s Dr Neil Brodie (2011). ARCA’s current writer in residence and new Trafficking Culture team member Dr Christos Tsirogiannis won ARCA’s award for Art Protection and Security last year. Many thanks to ARCA for this peer recognition of the work of our researchers, and for a very enjoyable and stimulating conference in a beautiful part of Italy.