Dr Yates teaching at a certificate programme “Art Law and Its Security Dimensions” 28-30 Jan

20 Jan 2021

Screenshot of a course brochure

Dr Donna Yates¬†is one of the people teaching at a¬†certificate course “Art Law and Its Security Dimensions” (28th to 30th January) organised by Directorate of Extension and Distance Learning, Rashtriya Raksha University.

Rashtriya Raksha University is a pioneering national security and police university of India. This 3-day course will introduce students to advance problems in Art Law and the way in which law regulates the creation of art, the cultural implication and security threat faced by the artist and art itself. The programme will consist of 7 sessions led by Art Law experts from across the globe. The fee is $24. More details and information about how to enrol are available here.