Trafficking Culture presenting at American Society of Criminology, DC 18–21 Nov

11 Nov 2015


Roundtable and session on criminology and antiquities trafficking.Simon Mackenzie, Neil Brodie, Donna Yates, Jessica Dietzler, and Tess Davis will join other experts in a round table discussion entitled Global Trafficking in Art & Antiquities. It will take place on Friday 20 November from 5:00 to 6:20pm in the Hilton, International Terrace East #3, Terrace Level.

Jessica Dietzler is also organising and chairing a session entitled The Illicit Antiquities Trade: Organisations, Facilitators, and Policies of Practice in Transnational Spaces featuring herself, Meg Lambert, and Christine Weirich. This session is on Wednesday, 18 November from 2:00 to 3:20pm in the Hilton, Gunston West, Terrace Level.

Jessica’s paper, co-authored with Blythe Bowman, is entitled: Deviant Archaeologists: Public Representations of Archaeologist Identities and Their Harmful Effects on ‘Fighting’ Illicit Traffic

Meg Lambert’s paper is entitled Political as Personal: The Role of Museum Organisational Culture in the Efficacy of Cultural Property Policies

Christine Weirich paper is entitled A Comparison Of Theoretical And Practical Applications Of Situational Crime Prevention In Transnational Illicit Markets