Images of items stolen from the Museo Chiribaya in Data Section

09 Dec 2012

museo_chiribaya Trafficking Culture has been provided with a series of images of archaeological objects stolen from the Museo Arqueologico Pre Inca Chiribaya in Ilo, Peru, in March 2009. These images and descriptions of the stolen objects in both English and Spanish are available in our Data section. 

Trafficking Culture talk at the University of Hong Kong

07 Dec 2012

HKU On Tuesday 18 December there is an opportunity to see Professor Simon Mackenzie talk about Trafficking Culture in a special lecture at the University of Hong Kong.

ESRC Doctoral Studentships Available

06 Dec 2012

Scottish The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science, and the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre which it hosts, has announced a wide range of ESRC PhD studentships available for 2013/14 entry. Successful candidates will receive research training from the best departments across Scotland, which have joined forces to create the biggest Doctoral Training Centre in the social sciences in the UK. The consortium...

Post-doctoral Fellowship opportunity

26 Nov 2012

University_of_Glasgow The University of Glasgow is currently looking for applicants for the Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellowship scheme. 

Trafficking Culture goes to TAG

19 Nov 2012

Albert_Dock The Theoretical Archaeology Group, an annual conference, takes place this December at the University of Liverpool. 

Trafficking Culture seminar on 28th November

13 Nov 2012

Sarpedon Krater On Wednesday the 28th of November at 4pm, there will be an opportunity to hear about the research of Trafficking Culture. 

Call For Papers: Special Issue on Trafficking in Cultural Objects for the EJCPR

02 Nov 2012

cda_displayimage European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research is a peer-reviewed international criminology journal with a special interest in transnational organized crime. It is run by Editor-in-Chief Ernesto U. Savona (Professor of Criminology, Università Cattolica del S. Cuore- Milan Director of TRANSCRIME (Joint Research Centre on Transnational Crime) and Managing Editor Dr. Stefano Caneppele...

College of Social Sciences Scholarship Competition

02 Nov 2012

Glasgow Cloisters by The University of Glasgow’s College of Social Sciences’ Scholarship Competition for 2013 has opened.

New Data added – Looted Zeugma mosaic

31 Oct 2012

IMG_0008 Trafficking Cullture have been given images from the 1993 excavation of the Metiokhos and Parthenope mosaic at Zeugma in Turkey. The photographs came courtesy of Dr Philip Freeman of the University of Liverpool, who worked on the excavations at Zeugma. This is the second set of images that we are able to show in our new Data section, an area of the website that is dedicated to the collation of...

New ‘Data’ Section

26 Oct 2012

45 We are excited to announce the launch of our new Data section. We see this as a means through which useful data across varied media can be presented and used by researchers and other interested parties. It will no doubt grow over time. Our first addition to the Data section is a collection of forty-seven photographs taken during the looting of the Maya site of Placeres, Mexico, in the late...

New Researcher joins in January

14 Oct 2012

Tess2 Trafficking Culture are really delighted to welcome Tess Davis, who will be joining the project as a Researcher in January 2013. Tess has extensive experience of working in both archaeology and law, and is currently the Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation, based in the USA. She holds a Batchelor of Arts in Archaeology from Boston University, and...

The American Society of Criminology

03 Oct 2012

782px-Chicago_downtown_(another_view) Simon Mackenzie, Neil Brodie, and Jessica Dietzler will all be presenting papers at the ASC conference in November.

Neil Brodie Headed to Keros

30 Sep 2012

10-01-03/57 Neil Brodie is headed to the Cyclades to conduct archaeological survey on the island of Keros. This is follow-up work stemming from excavations conducted with Cambridge University’s Keros Project, headed by Trafficking Culture friend Colin Renfrew. Several other Friend of the Project and Project Team Members have previously worked on Keros as well.

ESC Conference in Bilbao

07 Sep 2012

Professor Simon Mackenzie, the Principal Investigator for Trafficking Culture, will be attending the European Society of Criminology conference next week.

EAA annual meeting in Helsinki

23 Aug 2012

University of Helsinki main building Suzie Thomas from the Trafficking Culture team will be at the EAA annual meeting (29th August to 1st September) in Helsinki next week.

The Trade in Illicit Antiquities—Iraq a case study

15 Aug 2012

The Great North Museum Hancock On Tuesday the 21st of August there is an opportunity to see Dr Neil Brodie give a lecture about the illicit trade in antiquities from Iraq.

New website is launched!

13 Aug 2012

Welcome to the Trafficking Culture project website! We hope you will find its content useful, informative, and easy to navigate. Over the coming years, this website will keep visitors informed of Trafficking Culture and its development, provide access to related publications , signpost to other useful resources and links, and offer key information through our Encyclopedia on key case studies,...

Introducing Jessica Dietzler

13 Aug 2012

Jessica Dietzler We are really happy to welcome Jessica Dietzler, who has been awarded the Illicit Antiquities and Global Criminal Markets Scholarshipat the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, funded by the University of Glasgow College of Social Sciences. This doctoral research will complement the work of Trafficking Culture, and her findings will feed directly into the broader research...

Welcoming our Leverhulme Early Career Fellow!

13 Aug 2012

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Donna Yates, who has been working as a Research Associate with us since May, will be starting her Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship on 1 September. Donna also holds a Core Fulbright Grant, and will be researching the illicit trade in Latin American antiquities, looking primarily at Andean South America with a particular focus on the situation in Bolivia.